We’re the next generation metaverse launchpad

GuildPad is a metaverse focused decentralized venture capital and launchpad platform.

Our main goal is to accrue value for our members by making it easy to invest in blockchain projects and also simplify how metaverse startups can raise funds for their projects. So to make it simple, we are a bridge between new raised projects needs and investor protection.

Built on

The GuildPad ecosystem is powered by GPAD token and G-COIN NFT, this tokens allows holders to participate in the deals on the platform. Investors can join GuildPad by buying the GPAD tokens and the G-COIN NFT and exit at their convenience by selling them. The more tokens and NFT’s you hold the higher your tier and privileges are.


The fastest blockchain

Solana is one of the fastest blockchains currently running, but not only that, it is also one of the cheapest to use for the users in terms of fees. We see the potential of Solana and we think it is underdeveloped on the metaverse side. So our purpose is to make it easy for new projects to find investors and good advisory.


Support other blockchains

Solana will be our starting point, but interoperability will be one of the key factors in the future of cryptocurrency. That’s why we are already planning on supporting other blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche and Elrond.


Distributed and fair

The GuildPad allocation system ensures that the number of onboarded supporters and IDO participants is as large as possible and that the staking requirements are as low as possible. Allocation winners will be transparent for all to see.


Metaverse focused launchpad

We will raise funds and help in their launch play to earn games, metaverse projects, NFT projects and guilds.


For users

  • Low network fees with Solana
  • High investment protection (refund)
  • Guaranteed and fair allocation
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Engaging NFT ecosystem


For projects

  • High token dispersion
  • Long term cooperation
  • 0% fees on raised amount
  • Top tier advice from experts

How does the tier system work?

In order to participate in the launchpad, you have to be part of one of GuildPad’s 6 tiers or hold enough GPAD and complete tasks to enter the whitelist (lottery). All tiers offer guaranteed allocation, but the requirements and the pool weight is different.

NFT Offerings

Stake GPAD





Stake GPAD


Pool weight


IDO cooldown




Tier 1

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



1 G-coin

Tier 2

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



2 G-coin

Tier 3

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



4 G-coin

Tier 4

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



8 G-coin

Tier 5

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



16 G-coin

Tier 6

Stake GPAD


Pool weight



32 G-coin


GuildPad aim to change how decentralized crypto crowdfunding works, giving users guaranteed allocation and more tools to generate income apart from the IDOs with our NFT ecosystem.

Protecting their investments with a refund policy and leaving a positive footprint on the planet by donating 5% of profits to environmental organizations.


      • Download and set up a Phantom
      • As soon as you have set up your Phantom Wallet successfully, click the “connect” button at the top right corner of the screen. Phantom will ask you to sign a login message and after clicking “sign” you will be now connected to the GuildPad platform.
      • After successfully connecting your Phantom wallet to the GuildPad platform you now have to hold or deposit Solana (SOL) to your Phantom Wallet and purchase GPAD on decentralized exchanges like Raydium or Orca.
      • If you want to be part of a tier and get guaranteed allocation, you have to purchase G-COINS, check the tier requirements and allocation first.
      • In order to participate in IDOs through lottery or tier system you will have to Stake GPAD, again check the requirements first. Then go to the staking tab, enter the amount of GPAD, select the desired period of time and accept the transaction.
      • Now you are ready to participate. In the projects tab you can see all the info for the nexts IDOs.
      • In order to increase your staking rewards, we recommend users to buy and stake META-COINS. You can do this by minting the NFT in the minting tab or by purchasing them in the marketplace.
    • KYC is necessary to participate in IDO’s, not to trade in the marketplace or for staking purposes.
    • You can buy GPAD in Raydium / Orca.

    • In order to participate in the launchpad, you have to be part of one of GuildPad’s 6 tiers or hold enough GPAD and complete tasks to enter the whitelist (lottery). All tiers offer guaranteed allocation, but the requirements and the pool weight is different.

      • NFT Whitelist: (Not defined) GPAD. 1 sale cooldown.
      • Lottery: (Not defined) GPAD. 1000 winners. 1 sale cooldown. x0,5 pool weight.
      • BigBang tier: 1 G-COIN and (not defined) GPAD. x1 pool weight.
      • Dino tier: 2 G-COINS and (not defined) GPAD. x2 pool weight.
      • Whale tier: 4 G-COINS and (not defined) GPAD. x4 pool weight.
      • Ape tier: 8 G-COINS and (not defined) GPAD. x8 pool weight.
      • Human tier: 16 G-COINS and (not defined) GPAD. x16 pool weight.
    • We offer 5% of the entire allocation for lottery winners. In order to be eligible users will have to stake (not defined) GPAD and complete some tasks. Eg. Retweet a certain tweet, mention other accounts, follow GuilPad’s accounts…
    • There will be six different types of MetaCoins. Each of them represents a stage in life evolution. By staking these NFT’s you can earn not only GPAD, but also SOL and all the tokens of the projects that GuildPad has launched as airdrops.
    • In order to participate in GuildPad’s ecosystem and be part of a tier, you will have to stake GPAD and hold G-COINS. Every G-COIN you hold will allow you to stake 5 META-COINS.

      • GPAD Staking: By staking GPAD you will earn GPAD tokens so that you can move up to a higher tier.
      • META-COIN Staking: This is what makes GuildPad a different launchpad. By staking these NFTs you will earn a high APR not only on GPAD tokens, but also in SOL tokens and all the tokens the platform launches. This aims to reward the users that participate in GuildPad’s ecosystem and also to increase the number of investors that a sale reaches.
      • Staking rewards: Users that stake GPAD or META-COINS will get a reward every 30 days of staking. It will be a G-Potion based on these probabilities:
        • 45% Bang Potion
        • 25% Dino Potion
        • 15% Whale Potion
        • 10% Ape Potion
        • 5% Human Potion
    • Users will need to connect their phantom wallet to the platform, then go to the staking tab, in case of GPAD users will need to enter the amount of GPAD, select their desired period of time and accept the transaction.

      In case of MetaCoins, users will need to go to the staking tab (add link to the staking tab), select the NFTs they hold that they want to stake, choose the period of time they want to stake the NFTs and accept the transaction.

    • These NFTs will allow you to upgrade your META-COINS, there is a potion for each META-COIN excluding Meta that can’t be improved. Once you use them they get burned, making this item very rare and valuable. You can get G-POTIONS by minting them on the minting tab or by purchasing them in the marketplace.
    • Users will be able to buy and sell GCOIN, MetaCoins and G-POTIONS in the marketplace. In the future users will be able to trade NFTs from the projects that we launch on our platform as well.
    • Most launchpads just want to benefit their own token with lottery allocations. Then, users have a very remote chance of participating in the deals. But even if a lucky user gets to participate, they don't offer any refund protection if the deal goes wrong, if it turns out that the project was a scam or even if the team is not acting correctly and dumps the price. Users have to trust in their project selection without any other choice. We don't think that's fair and that's why we offer refunds for participants in those cases.

      On the projects side, almost every launchpad takes a huge fee from the raised amount, hurting the project. We don't do it that way. We take 0% fees from the raised amount, and then agree on some goals to achieve together with the project that will unlock the raised amount.


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